Powell River (City)
Local Government Contact Information
Jurisdiction:Powell River City
Street Address:6910 Duncan Street
Powell River, BC, V8A 1V4
General Email:info@cdpr.bc.ca
Powell River (City) Election Details
Estimated Eligible Voters:10764
Total Number of Votes Cast:4357
Councillors to be Elected:6
Chief Election Officer Contact
Chief Election Officer:Marie Claxton

Mayor Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender Acclaimed Votes Elected
Dave Formosa J M YES 0 YES
Councillor Candidate(s)
First Name Last Name Initial Gender Acclaimed Votes Elected
Russell Brewer George Wayne M 2487 YES
Rob Southcott R D M 2039 YES
Carole Ann Leishman F 2014 YES
Karen Skadsheim Grace F 1999 YES
Jim Palm Garnet M 1865 YES
Maggie Hathaway Jean F 1854 YES
Debbie Dee Ann F 1783
Anita Adams F 1760
Ron Ostensen Rune M 1684
Myrna Leishman Karen F 1440
David Dickson Michael M 1056
Jim Baron L M 961
William R Ashworth M 602

Referendum Question(s)
  Question Passed Votes For Votes Against
1. Are you in favour of the City of Powell River adopting Crossroads Village New Library Loan Authorization Bylaw 2391, 2014, to authorize the borrowing of a sum not to exceed three and one half million dollars ($3,500,000) over a maximum term of 30 years, for the purpose of building a new municipal public library at Crossroads Village at 4801 Joyce Avenue?
YES 3318 1008