Greater Victoria (School District)
Local Government Contact Information
Jurisdiction:Greater Victoria School District
Street Address:556 Boleskine Rd
Victoria , BC, V8Z 1E8
Phone:250 475-3212
Fax:250 475-6161
Greater Victoria (School District) Election Details
School District Trustees to be Elected:9
Chief Election Officer Contact
Chief Election Officer:Vicki Hanley

School District Trustee Candidate(s)
  First Name Last Name Initial Gender SD Area Represented Acclaimed Votes Elected
Ann Whiteaker F At Large 20252 YES
Deborah Nohr A F At Large 20177 YES
Peg Orcherton A F At Large 20083 YES
Diane McNally E At Large 20057 YES
Rob Paynter W M At Large 18926 YES
Elaine Leonard W F At Large 17855 YES
Edith Loring-Kuhanga M F At Large 17389 YES
Tom Ferris T M At Large 16940 YES
Jordan Watters A F At Large 16658 YES
Bev Horsman J F At Large 16351
Nicole Duncan B F At Large 14247
John Rizzuti P M At Large 12458
Ruth MacIntosh R F At Large 12222